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If you are charged with theft or burglary in El Paso County, you need to hire an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney right away. I am the person you need on your side. Theft and burglary charges can be quite serious and you will want expert legal advice to protect your rights and ensure a fair trial or negotiate a plea agreement. Call me right away for a FREE initial consultation! 719-634-7770

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Colorado Theft and Burglary Attorney

If you break into any locked container, such as a vault, safe, or cash register with the intent to commit a crime such as theft, you can be charged with third degree burglary. In general, burglary charges are often attached to theft charges. Third degree burglary is a Class Five Felony, which comes with a possible sentence of one to three years. If you stole drugs, it becomes a Class Four Felony and comes with more severe consequences.

Third Degree Burglary

If you break and enter into any building with the intent to commit a crime, you will be charged with Second Degree Burglary. If the burglary occurred in a commercial building or property, it is considered a Class Four Felony in the state of Colorado. However, if the burglary you are charged with occurred in a residential dwelling or if you are charged with intending to steal a controlled substance, the charges escalate to a Class Three or even a class Two Felony with substantially harsher penalties.

Second Degree Burglary

If you are charged with  breaking and entering into any building under certain circumstances "such as when an assault occurs or a deadly weapon is involved" you can be charged with First Degree Burglary. In Colorado, First Degree Burglary is a Class Three Felony with  mandatory prison time. If you are charged with the intent to steal a narcotic or other controlled substance, it quickly becomes a Class Two Felony.

First Degree Burglary

Charges of theft can include shoplifting, credit card or check fraud, identity theft and any other means of stealing another person's property. I can help to make sure your case is handled fairly and that your Constitutional rights are protected.


In some situations, the state is willing to negotiate and often you ability to pay restitution can postivitly effect negotiations. If necessary I can negotiate with the prosecution to strike a favorable plea bargain and help you avoid unnecessary jail time.


If you are charged with theft or burglary in Colorado Springs or anywhere in Colorado, contact me immediately. Before you even speak with authorities or undergo questioning, it is imperative that you contact a defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is handled fairly.



Theft and burglary charges can be very serious and it is important to obtain expert legal advice to protect your rights.


Burglary is an unauthorized entry together with the intent to commit a crime. Even if no one was harmed, you can still be charged with burglary, which can be a Class 3 felony in the State of Colorado, and carries a sentence of 4-12 years in prison. First degree burglary carries 8-24 years in prison.

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