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Elderly Woman Kills Man with Car | Colorado Springs Defense Attorney

Monday, December 13th, 2010

An Elderly man who was struck by a car on Saturday has died according to the Denver Post. The man, who was in his 70’s, stopped at the King Soopers store at South Kipling and West Florida to mail a letter. When he returned to the parking lot he was struck by a car driven by a 77-year-old woman. The man was pinned under the wheels of the vehicle. The man was transported to Saint Anthony Central Hospital where he died. Police say the woman did not see the man before the accident.

The loss of 4,378 lives in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes in 2008 is an awful statistic. That amounts to twelve deaths everyday of the year. According to Walking Info, in 2008, there were 69,000 reported pedestrian injuries. In the state of Colorado alone, 44 pedestrians lost their lives.

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