What are the Penalties for Criminal Mischief in Colorado?


cuffs-behind-backIf you destroy or damage another person’s property in Colorado, you could find yourself facing charges of criminal mischief, destruction of property, or even trespassing. Criminal mischief charges, also known as vandalism, can be filed for graffiti, breaking someone’s mailbox, keying another person’s car, or shattering a window. As with most criminal charges, the severity of the punishment depends largely on the type of vandalism you are charged with and the circumstances surrounding your crime.

In general, the penalties for criminal mischief in Colorado include:

  • Class 4 Felony: Property damage over $20,000.

    • Up to 6 years in prison

    • Up to $500,000 fines

  • Class 5 Felony: Property Damage between $1,000 and $20,000

    • Up to 3 years in prison

    • Up to $100,000 fines

  • Class 1 Misdemeanor: Property damage between $500 and $1,000

    • Up to 18 months in jail

    • Up to $5,000 fines

  • Class 2 Misdemeanor: Property damage between $100 and $500

    • Up to 1 year in jail

    • Up to $1,000 fines

  • Class 3 Misdemeanor: Property damage less than $100

    • Up to 6 months in jail

    • Up to $750 fines

Due to the expense of many of today’s modern conveniences, it is rather easy to damage property over $1,000 and be charged with a felony offense.

Types of Vandalism

There are many different types of vandalism in Colorado, but the most common offenses are:

  • Defacing wall or building with graffiti

  • Etching a window

  • Carving into a desk

  • Breaking a window

  • Ripping a bus seat

  • Slashing tires

  • Busting a mailbox with a baseball bat

  • Removing an emblem off of a car

  • Writing on a bathroom stall

  • Keying a car

  • And more

If you have been arrested and charged with vandalism or criminal mischief in Colorado Springs, it is important to speak with an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer will need to begin investigating immediately to expose the holes in the prosecution’s case against you. Through efficient investigation and savvy negotiations, your Criminal defense lawyer can often have the charges against you reduced to a lesser offense with no jail time or even dismissed all together.

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

sarah-thumbIf you are facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, Briargate, Black Forest, Fountain Valley, or anywhere in the State of Colorado, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. Sarah Christensen has the experience and resources to fight for your freedom and protect your future. Call (719) 634-7770 today to begin building a solid defense against these serious charges.

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