Felony Drug Possession in Colorado Springs

cop-arrestSince the enactment of Colorado Amendment 64, adults over the age of 21 are allowed to legally purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana. Yet while marijuana possession is now legal in the State of Colorado, possessing other illegal drugs is not. In fact, most drug crimes are considered felony offenses. And if you are convicted of drug possession in Colorado, you could spend years behind bars.

All drugs are classified by the U.S. Department of Justice according to their medicinal value and potential for abuse. Drugs that have a greater potential for abuse are classified as the most dangerous. There are 5 schedules of drugs. Schedule 1 drugs are determined to have a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value, while Schedule 5 drugs are considered to have a low potential for abuse and some medicinal value.

Schedule 1 drugs include heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.

Schedule 2 drugs include cocaine and meth

Schedule 3 drugs include Ketamine and steroids

Schedule 4 drugs include Xanax and Valium

Schedule 5 drugs include Robitussin AC and Lomotil

If you are arrested with a controlled substance in your possession, you could be charged with a felony drug crime. The drug in your possession, the quantity of the drug, and whether you had the intent to distribute the drug will determine the severity of the charges against you.

Felony drug possession is a serious offense and even first time offenders could find themselves facing up to 12 years in prison for their crime and fines up to $750,000. If you intended to distribute this drug or transported the drug across state lines, you could be facing additional criminal charges.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid prison and may be able to have your sentence reduced. If this is your first offense, your attorney may be able to have you sentenced to a drug court for drug evaluation, treatment, and frequent drug testing. This will allow you to avoid going to jail and may even keep the drug conviction off of your criminal record.

If you have been arrested and charged with felony drug possession, contact our law firm immediately to start building a solid defense against these serious charges.

Felony Drug Mandatory Sentencing:

  • Schedule I Drugs (LSD,PCP,Ecstasy etc): Prison time 4-12 years and/or fine $3000-$750,000
  • Schedule II Drugs (cocaine, meth., opium ,morphine): Possession = Prison time 2-6 years and/or fine of $2000 – $500,000. Distribution = Prison time 4-12 years and/or fine $3000 – $750,000
  • Schedule III Drugs (anabolic steroids, ketamine, codeine etc): Class 4 Felony including 2-6 years prison time and fine of $2000 to $500,000
  • Schedule IV Drugs (Chloral hydrate, tranquilzers, stimulants): Class 5 Felony with prison time of 1-3 years and/or $1000-$100,000 fine
  • Schedule V Drugs (Cough syrup with codeine and other narcotics with low potential for abuse): Class 1 Misdemeanor including 6-18 months jail time and/or $500-$5000 fine

The Many Benefits of Calling an Experienced Colorado DUI Attorney

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