Arrest Made In Shooting

August 9th, 2013


Three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a Colorado Springs man, according to 9 News. Two of the people arrested are the wife and daughter of the murder victim; the third is an acquaintance who was in jail on another charge. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says that the daughter placed a 911 call in which she said that she found her father’s front door wide open. Deputies arrested the wife and daughter, and the two of them, along with the other man, are being held on charges of suspicion of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and solicitation of murder.

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When you have been arrested, or even if you simply believe that the police suspect you of committing a crime, protecting your rights immediately is paramount. Knowing what to say to investigators is not easy. Knowing what the police have the right to do while investigating you is also difficult. An experienced Denver criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights, and ensure that the police do not use illegally obtained evidence against you in court. If your rights have been violated, your attorney may even be able to have the charges dismissed.

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Teens Arrested for Hit-and-Run Caught on Tape

July 29th, 2013


Two teens were arrested on Thursday, July 17 for a hit and run involving another teen. Joshua Stegmeier (18, Littleton) and friend Gabriel Baxter (18, West Chester, PA) were charged with accessory to vehicular assault and accessory to leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury for a confrontation with Luke Collier (18, Longmont) after he was discovered lying unconscious in the street on July 2 with serious head injuries. Stegmeier was also charged with first degree criminal trespassing and misdemeanor harassment. According to authorities, video clips obtained from Stegmeier’s camera depict the teens planning the encounter and following through with the assault on Collier. Stagmeier has a court date set for August 8 and Baxter does not have a date set at this time.


In this digital era, the rise of smart phone usage in conjunction with the popularity of social media networks give users the ability to easily take and share photos and videos with others. It is important to understand the best practices for creating, using, and sharing media content, the rules governing whether taking a picture or video is permitted or not, and the risks associated with photographing and/or video recording illegal activity and storing it on computers, cameras, and/or mobile devices.

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Overcrowding Problem In Jails

June 27th, 2013


49 inmates at the Mesa County Jail were sleeping on the floor on June 19, due to overcrowding in the facility. The jail is designed to hold 392 inmates, while there were 432 booked into the jail. Some of the inmates are awaiting trial on felony charges, while others are being held pretrial on misdemeanor charges. A captain in the sheriff’s department said that he doesn’t know what the reason is for the increased number of inmates, whether fewer people are bonding out, or people are simply taking longer to work through the system. A number of the inmates were moved to Park County Jail in order to relive the crowding in Mesa County.

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The overcrowding issue in the Mesa County Jail is mirrored by a problem of overcrowding in prisons across the country. It is important to remember that, while people who are in jail have been arrested, they have not lost their rights. In fact, most of the people in jail have not been convicted of the crime that they were arrested for; they are either waiting to bond out, or awaiting trial. In any case, whatever the reason for the overcrowding in some county jails, and many prisons across the country, it is vital that people remember that every person charged with a crime in the United States has rights.

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Sex Offenders Not Receiving Treatment

May 1st, 2013


According to The Gazette, the state has found, through an audit, that a significant number of convicted sex offenders in Colorado are not receiving the treatment that they are mandated under a law that was enacted fifteen years ago. The law requires lifetime supervision for anyone convicted of sex offenses in Colorado, but currently a number of Colorado inmates who should be receiving treatment are not, which is lengthening their prison terms. There are currently more than 1000 inmates who have passed their original parole eligibility dates but are not able to be paroled because they have not been able to begin treatment. The cost to taxpayers of this failure to provide treatment is estimated at roughly $30 million annually.

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It is not unusual for draconian laws regarding the punishment of criminals to be enacted, particularly when a problem garners widespread public attention. For example, it is very easy to get the average Coloradan to agree that sex offenders deserve severe punishment. However, these laws are sometimes drafted in a way that ignores certain realities. For example, if everyone who is classified as sex offender is subject to lifetime supervision, what exactly does that mean? Are people who are not dangerous being subjected to an infringement of their privacy? And at what cost?

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Franklin Sain Is Scheduled To Be Arraigned

March 27th, 2013

cop-arrestIn a highly publicized court case, Franklin Sain is scheduled to be arraigned in in connection with harassment charges based on messages he sent to a state legislator, according to the Denver Post. Sain sent a series of emails to state Representative Rhonda Fields in connection with her support of gun control measures that used profanity, and sexual and racial epithets. One email said that he hoped Fields, whose son was murdered a number of years ago, would meet the same fate as a United States congresswoman who was shot in the head. The charges against Sain claim that he threatened Representative Fields, and that he also sent her an unsigned letter overtly threatening her safety. Sain’s attorney says that Sain did not write or send that letter, and that there may be DNA evidence supporting that claim.

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One issue in this case may be the line between a citizen’s freedom of speech and the safety of a public official. Based on information publicly available, it is not clear whether the emails that Sain admits to sending cross that line. It is important to remember that the lines of decency and good taste are very different from the lines of criminal behavior. Also at issue appears to be whether or not Sain wrote the unsigned letter that investigators attribute to him. It is sometimes easy for evidence to be used falsely against a defendant, and it is vital that the person accused have a dedicated, knowledgeable Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney on his or her side.

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Three People Caught in Crossfire of Two-car Shoot Out

December 17th, 2012

According to The Denver Post, there was a shoot out involving two cars in Colorado Springs. There were minor injuries when two people were caught in the crossfire between the two cars. There were 3 occupants in the car that were caught in the crossfire. Two of those occupants were injured when their car’s windows were shot out. They were sent to the hospital for minor injuries caused by flying glass. The third passenger of the car was unharmed. All three victims reported that their car was hit by gun fire when two other vehicles were driving down the road shooting out the windows at each other. Police are investigating the scene and searching for the two cars involved in the shoot out. The police are asking the public for help in the investigation. No victims or suspects are being named at this time and no fatalities from gun wounds were reported.

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The Bureau of Justice reports that in 2009 22% of violent crimes the offender was armed with a gun, knife or other object that could be used as a weapon. Violent crimes that were reported in 2009 8% of the offenders used a firearm to commit the crime. The most common type of crimes where an offender used a firearm were robberies and car jacking. Over 45% of robberies involved a firearm. 28 percent of arrests for robberies had firearm charges involved in the case. Between 1993 and 1997 28% of nonfatal violent crimes were committed with a firearm. An additional 4% of violent crimes with a firearm resulted in injury and less than 1% resulted in a gunshot wound to either the violent offender or a victim. There were 5% of simple or aggravated assault involving a weapon in 2009. Most violent crimes did not involve a weapon, but 22% of violent crimes involved an offender with a weapon, guns made up 8% of the weapons used.

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Drunk Driver in Stolen Car Kills a Man

November 14th, 2012

CBS Denver reported that in Lone Tree there was a fatal hit and run crash on C-470. The reports indicated that the crash involved two vehicles. There was a white sedan and another SUV involved in the crash. According to police reports the SUV drove over the top of the white sedan killing the driver of that vehicle. The SUV then left the scene of the crime. The owner of the SUV involved in the crash reported that the car had been stolen after she drove two gentlemen home from a party. The owner of the SUV is being held under arrest. There were two suspects in the car according a witness to the scene. Alcohol is suspected to be a reason for the accident.

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According to data from Mothers Against Drunk Driving 1 in every 3 traffic fatalities is due to drunk driving. Over 10,200 people died in alcohol impaired crashes in 2010. This is a lower rate than in 2009 and 2008. Over 32,000 people have died in alcohol related crashes from 2008 to 2011. California, Texas and Florida are the highest ranked states for alcohol crashes resulting in fatalities. However, Colorado had over 400 deaths in alcohol impaired crashes. In November of 2010, over 174 people died in just that month, in the United States, due to drunk driving accidents. Every minute, 52 people lose their lives to a drunk driving accident. MADD recognizes that drunk driving is a serious problem all over the nation.

In Colorado the legal limit is: if you are under the age of 21, a blood alcohol content of 0.02%. However, if you are a minor you can be charged with possession of alcohol while underage. If you are over 21, any BAC over 0.08% will get you a DUI but, at a BAC of 0.05% you will be charged with a DWAI (driving while ability impaired). Colorado is unique in their laws about driving under the influence because Colorado also has a Driving While Ability Impaired law which makes it illegal to drive with a 0.8 percent BAC. Most other states consider a BAC of 0.08% or below as driving impaired and will not charge you with a DUI or DWAI.

If you have been charged with a DUI and are facing the judicial system do not face it alone. Contacting a Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer today can help make sure that you are protecting your rights. Facing the judicial system by yourself can cause a lot of stress. When facing a DUI there are a lot of options that you have for what tests you preform and how you plea. Make sure that you are properly informed about all your options by calling a dedicated defense attorney today. When you get a DUI there are also many court appearances that must be made and it is important that you are properly represented at these proceedings. Don’t let your criminal charges take over your life, let an experienced attorney like Sarah Christensen help you get the best possible outcome in your criminal case. Call today to start your defense (719) 634-7770.